Message from Representative Stevenson – 06/23/2014

How Can I Help?

Representative Thyra Stevenson blogspot header imageAs your District 6 Idaho State Representative I am here to serve you with any needs you may have with state government. Aside from representing your interests in the legislation before the body, here are some other ways I can help:

Help with state agencies – Sometimes it is confusing and frustrating dealing with our state agencies. If you have a problem with a state agency, perhaps we can help facilitate solutions. We can help cut through the red tape and find answers to your questions and direct concerns to the appropriate officials.

We can assist local governments, community organizations, and individuals with regulatory issues. Call or email and we will help you get started toward resolutions.

Most encountered questions are with these agencies:
Tax Commission
Dept. of Transportation (ITD)
Dept. of Lands (IDL)

Provide certificates, congratulatory messages, special flags – As a legislator, I most enjoy recognizing the great work and accomplishments of our friends and neighbors. Contact me if you are interested in having us provide certificates and letters to recognize anniversaries, graduations and other special events. A very special treat is to gift someone with a flag flown over the Idaho Capitol. We can help you with that.

Provide legislative information – The volume and complexity of legislation can be daunting. We can guide you in checking the status of a legislative bill through our Legislative Services Office (LSO).

Listen to your comments and concerns – I encourage your feedback on state issues. Texting or emailing on items up for consideration in a committee or on the House floor has become the norm. It is a way for you to communicate immediately with us in order to effectively represent your interests.

Encourage Capitol tours – The State Capitol building in Boise underwent an historic updating recently. I am humbled to work in this historical site and encourage you to visit. Let me know so that I can provide an insider tour. If you are unable to visit in person, there is a wonderful Video Tour of ‘The Capitol of Light.’

Encourage college student Internships or High School Pages – Consider interning at home in District 6 or in the Capitol for an opportunity to gain valuable experience aiding in constituent outreach. Another opportunity for high school age youth is to serve as a Page. Contact me for specifics.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you!

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Representative Thyra Stevenson

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