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Important North Central Idaho Issues

Enhance Economic Opportunity

I believe we must focus on policies that foster the expansion of Idaho-based companies, create new business, and encourage entrepreneurship and investment. More private-sector jobs, expanded tax base, more productivity: all these elements flourish when government does not get in the way, but rather facilitates a higher quality of economic life, free of excessive regulation.

Strong Future – Empower Idahoans

Education is key to Idaho’s prosperity. We must continue to provide our citizens with quality educational opportunities. In addition, affordability and access to quality health care is a pressing need. It will require innovative ideas and solutions to ensure Idaho leads the way.

Promote Responsible Government

Idahoans are fortunate to live in a state that respects the importance of balanced budgeting and responsible fiscal planning. Our priorities include less regulation and common Sense Tax Structures.

An issue that will probably rank high on the next legislative calendar is public defense reform. Idaho is grappling with the problem of high cost to rural counties who do not have revenues that can support a public defender staff. Interim committees are examining the subject, and we expect to see legislative recommendations and bills to address the problems.

You will hear me speak about these initiatives in more detail.

If you are interested in the interim committees, working groups, and special committees, view the list of topics and meeting agendas here (opens in new tab):