Just the Facts

This page provides the opportunity to set the record straight and address rumors, innuendos, and falsehoods. The goal is the inform constituents so they can make good decisions.

Opponents say:
Thyra votes No on education and doesn’t support education.

The truth is:
As a member of the Legislature’s Joint Finance & Appropriations Committee (JFAC) Thyra voted YES on all 9 education appropriations bills brought to the House floor in 2014. Education appropriations amounted to $2.4 billion, or 36% of the total.

In fact it was the Democrat member from District 6 who voted NO on 6 of those bills.

Having been a teacher for much of her professional career, Thyra understands and supports the need to fund public education, including K-12, professional-technical, and agricultural ed.

A task force that included a wide spectrum of participants examined the education topic and made a series of recommended actions. These recommendations are the result of eight months of diligent work by the Task Force members who met frequently, studied research and best practices, and engaged in thoughtful, collaborative discussions about how Idaho’seducation system could better prepare our children for success.

Thyra supports this plan and recommends that constituents with questions about Idaho’s future education path read the document here (opens in new tab): https://boardofed.idaho.gov/board_initiatives/Education_Improvement_Taskforce/Task%20Force%20for%20Improving%20Education_Final_09-06-13.pdf

Opponents say:
Thyra doesn’t care about health care for poor people.

The truth is:
Rep. Stevenson is proud to partner with Molina Healthcare, the Medicare manager for Idaho, to ensure adequate access and delivery to Idahoans. While in the House she worked tirelessly with fellow legislators to find the best solutions to the health issues presented to the legislature. The worked together as a team, tackling the subject.

Thyra brought the Health and Welfare appropriations to the House floor during her tenure on the JFAC committee. Health and Human Services appropriations in 2014 amounted to $2.6 billion, or 38% of total appropriations.

Rep. Stevenson also participates in Molina’s Kids in Motion project, designed to help youth make healthy lifestyle choices. It is a very successful project and worthy of legislative support.

Opponents say:
Thyra promised she would quit the City Council once she was elected to the State House.

The truth is:
The local newspaper reported Thyra’s remarks incorrectly and keeps repeating it because the correct narrative does not fit the opposition’s agenda. Thyra had stated,’ when the [Representative] vote is certified…’ That voted was not certified until late December following the election when it was a mute point because there were no further meetings.