In the Legislature

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Legislative Overview

Idaho’s legislators are citizen legislators, not career politicians. They are farmers and ranchers, business men and women, lawyers, doctors, sales people, loggers, teachers. Elected for two-year terms and in session at the Capitol just three months each year, Idaho’s citizen legislators are able to maintain close ties to their communities and a keen interest in the concerns of the electorate.

Thyra’s Previous Committee Assignments

* The Senate Finance Committee and the House Appropriations Committee meet as the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee (JFAC) to establish the state budget. Meeting daily through most of the legislative session, JFAC members review the executive budget and budget requests of each state department, agency and institution, including requests for construction of capital improvements, as well as other requests for appropriations submitted to the Legislature. JFAC’s recommendations on agency budgets are submitted to the Legislature in the form of appropriation bills, and rarely fail to be approved by the full Legislature. JFAC also has been asked by the Legislative Council to review legislative audits of state and local governments. Joint Finance and Appropriations (JFAC)is possibly the most watched and scrutinized panel in the Idaho State Legislature.

* Agriculture Affairs

* Business Affairs

* Economic Outlook and Revenue Assessment Committee (ad hoc member)